The Alium Collection

The Alium collection comprises a range of cotton canvas purses and bags adorned with botanical studies of flora and fauna with fascinating hidden narratives. The imagery for these designs has been created by blending hand rendered illustrations with traditional printmaking processes such as mono-printing and drypoint etching, which I then digitally print onto the fabric. 

Within the Alium textile collection studies of sculptural Alium flowers, a species within the onion family; are layered with drawings of plantain, purported for its medicinal and culinary properties.  Equisetum or ‘horsetail’ plants can be described as living fossils, having existed for over 100 million years, some equisetids were large trees reaching 30 metres tall in late Paleozoic forests.

 The Alium collection purses and bags are all made from cotton canvas; with a cotton lining and a zip fastening, they are very practical and durable.

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