Reaching to Solstice Limited edition Lino Print

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spotted this hawthorn tree on a cold December morning, the vivid red berries and its wind blown form captivated me. Behind me, Lanyon Quoit stood tall against a freezing, cloudless sky. Despite numb fingers and the cold bite in the air, I spent the morning there, drawing from direct observation.  It felt like the perfect moment for quiet reflection, transitioning into winter, drawing inward with the longer, darker nights.  

I gain a deep sense of place by revisiting the same locations to draw and paint from direct observation, exploring the colours and fauna as they change with the seasons and time of day.  Back in my studio I create detailed botanical studies of the plants I’ve collected.  Gradually I develop the compositions and colours for my prints, often layering the minutia of nature within larger landscapes.  This print measures 30 by 60 cm.

Framing is available upon request.